Elnora, IN

6/21/2014 - Love was RCH, Dubonnet was RCH, Eleanor was GCH, and Enchanted was GCH.

COAC, Terre Haute, IN

5/25/2013 - Belee was RCH, Tiger was GCH, and Eureka was GCH & Jr. BIS.

CAE Testing

8/13/2013 - Our Herd's Results: CAE Negative via Biotracking.

Georgetown, IL Fair

8/9 & 8/10/2013 - Zinger was BOB, Zima was GCH, Bare was BOB, Bacardi was RCH, and Daiquiri was RCH.

Champaign, IL Fair

7/17/2013 - Zima was GCH, Bare was BOB, and Elie was GCH.

Farmer City, IL Fair

7/20/2013 - Bacardi was GCH, Zima was RCH, Zinger was BOB, Belee was RCH, Love was GCH, & Bare was BOB.

Ford Co. Fair (Melvin, IL)

6/29/2013 - Josephine was GCH, Whiskey was RCH, and Bare was GCH.

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